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It’s official.

The tour is offically underway.  Sadly we probably won’t be covering much of the tour this time.  I (Shannon) will be on the road for the next three weeks and Carol is extremely busy with her final year in college.  I hope you all get to go to a show and have a wonderful time.

Feel free to send us links and submissions to help keep the site going until we can give it more attention. 


ALAD #028

Ingrid Michaelson - Palm of Your Hand

Part of my ongoing art & design experiment “A Lyric a Day”. Idea is to take song lyrics and illustrate them using cool photos and typography. See more on Flickr:


Human Again tour starts soon!
(photo by Ingrid Michaelson) 

you guys, tour is happening so soon!  Raise your hand if you are as excited as we are?!

Ingrid plays “End of the World” at the 2011 ASCAP Expo. 

Just try not to smile while watching this video of Ingrid performing ”Blood Brothers” with the PS 22 Chorus, which can be seen in an exclusive video on EW.

The accompanying article also announces Ingrid as one of the judges for and VH1’s Battle for the Bands campaign


We’re #5 on The @Billboard 200. We used to play empty rooms for no money. Your support means everything. Thank you.

This is amazing!

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Ingrid Michaelson,
Human Again

This Is War (Home Recording - Bonus Track)
Ingrid Michaelson, Human Again (Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition) 

(via shark-fartss)


My good friends just saw Ingrid at her pop-up show in Denver, CO last night and snapped this beautiful picture. 

1/26/12 -

Ingrid and Allie perform “This Is War” during Sundance Film Festival at the ASCAP Music Cafe. 

Also watch performances of "Ghost" and "Palm Of Your Hand".

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Ingrid Michaelson,
Human Again


Keep Warm (Home Recording - Bonus Track)
Ingrid Michaelson, Human Again (Barnes & Noble Exclusive Edition)

Some things you cannot plan like your hand in mine, just put your hand in mine

(PS, totally love this even more than the regular version <3)