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I’m so sad and I’m listening to this song by Dan


listen to dan romer’s gorgeous song “love who we love” for the gayest compilation ever made over at 



Happy New Year, Gayheads!

To all of you who contributed to our IndieGoGo campaign for The Gayest Compilation Ever Made, TODAY IS THE DAY, and you should check your email inboxes for your download codes & instructions!!

To the rest of you, click here for more info on this insanely awesome compilation of music, made especially for Everyone Is Gay!!

Thank you, endlessly, to Bess RogersJenny Owen YoungsMike DoughtyVintage GrammaLightyearIan Axel & Chad VaccarinoIngrid MichaelsonDan RomerLelia BroussardCharlene KayeGreg Laswell, and Krannielle for their music, and to Sarah Shelton for the beautiful album art!!


Yo I straight-up contributed a song to this compilation. You proooobably want this record because it is HILARIOUS. Greg Laswell’s song makes me die laughing and then auto-resurrect and die again. Vintage Gramma is my favorite band ever… and they nailed it. Charlene Kaye made the slow-jammingest, R. Kellyingest song which enumerates the many virtues (and laments the heterosexuality) of Tina Fey.

When your stomach muscles are sore from ceaseless guffawing, you can take a break and cry all the way through Dan Romer’s song, which is beautiful and very very sad. Then you can laugh more with other songs! (Spoiler alert: there is a song that involves a CAT RAP. That’s a RAP. About CATS.) Aaaah! There’s a lot to love here. And best of all: proceeds go toward helping Kristin & Dannielle help kids who are feeling lost. So go get it!

Go get this album now! Help out Kristin and Dannelle at Every Is Gay and get awesome/hilarious songs by EVERYONE YOU’VE EVER LOVED including Ingrid, Greg Laswell, Bess Rogers, Dan Romer, Jenny Owen Youngs, Lelia Broussard, Lightyear (Lauren Zettler), Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino, Charlene Kaye, and even more awesome people.